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The Book


My first book of short stories, The Jesus Year, was published in spring 2013 by Insomniac Press

"Sharp, yet subtle, the stories in this collection have been masterfully polished; they are a pleasure to read." - Johanna Skibsrud, author of The Sentimentalists


"Christ himself died and was resurrected four months into his own Jesus Year; not a single character escapes The Jesus Year without being similarly transfigured." - This Magazine


"The collection is engaging and provocative - a good read." - Broken Pencil

The Jesus Year

ISBN 978-1-55483-105-0

The Jesus Year explores the space between joy and tragedy, happiness and despair, sincerity and absurdity. 

A husband won't throw his wife a party for her thirty-third birthday; a woman becomes obsessed with re-decorating her familial cabin; a couple's west coast elopement turns dangerous; a father must talk his daughter out of cancelling her wedding; a mother meets her thirty-year-old daughter for the first time; three friends' lives collide at an annual Christmas party; and a downtown couple drive to a prairie church to plan the perfect wedding. 

In these stories, the banal details of life crash against momentous occasions, revealing what is hidden, and re-casting what is already in plain sight.

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